We can take your magazine project from concept to market with a full range of consulting, publishing, marketing, sales, printing, and distribution services.

Custom Publishing

Poise Publications Inc. offers a full range of publishing services, including content development, art direction, photography, graphic design, ad sales, and consulting. Simply bring us your idea and we can present you with a package of services that makes sense for your magazine.


Graphic Design

Invitations, posters, web blasts, reports or presentations: whatever your product, the design of your document will say as much about your company as the content.


Content Development

We can all write, but we can’t all write for impact. We offer copy writing for your professional communications or branded publications.


Sales and Marketing

The key to a successful luxury magazine is pairing your concept with the right local, regional and international brands. With experience working in the U.S. and Canadian markets, we apply a full range of tools—including developing your media kit, sales strategy, contact list, and sales scripts—as well as an on-the-ground sales force ready to build your brand through lucrative advertising partnerships.