Ask a Sommelier: Sulphites

Q: My wife has become sensitive to sulphites. I understand that some eco-friendly or organic white wines are sulphite free. Are there any great wines that are sulphite free?

Sulphites are a natural byproduct of yeast fermentation. Sulphites may also be added at all stages of production, from the vineyard to the bottle, to stop oxidation and keep fermentation clean (unwanted microbial activity makes good wine go very bad). Therefore, essentially all wines contain some level of sulphites.

The terms “biodynamic” and “organic” do not necessarily mean less sulfur is used in the winemaking process; these refer only to how the grapes have been grown. Some wines will have lower sulphite levels: look for the term “no sulphites added” or even “organic wine” (as opposed to organically grown grapes). We are always learning about wines we carry—come and ask any of the Baville & Jones wine experts (or text us ar 204-400-0499 between 9 am and 9 pm) who are familiar with wine production for their own recommendations.

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